Majority Of Ivory Towers Inject Grads With One Last Jolt Of Liberalism

English: Hillsdale College's Central HallFile:

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

But there are a few holdouts throughout the Nation where conservative

commencement speakers still have a place. One of those institutions is

Hillsdale College, a small university in Michigan that has been bucking

Federal intrusions to its mission to educate students in a manner of

pro-liberty excellence for decades. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke at

their commencement.

“There are moments in our history when we have to make a fundamental choice,” he told students.

The choice, Cruz said, is America’s: Do we want a Nation laden with a

paternal state, or do we want a Nation dependent on the people and

their ability to carry the “torch of freedom” to their neighbors and



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