Allen West Weekly Update “Trouble is brewing on fronts foreign and domestic”

Allen West Republic


Whazzup With Obama’s Policies? – Trouble is brewing on fronts foreign and domestic

Remember the old Bud Light commercials where the guys shouted “Whazzup?” I don’t know if they helped sell product, but they were doggone comical. I wish Bud Light would bring them back.

Unfortunately when you think about events of this week, that Bud Light commercial comes to mind in a more sobering context.Consider this: President Obama made his first trip to Israel, our best ally in the Middle East, since becoming president in 2009. This comes long after trips to Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. And in Egypt in 2009 at his infamous Cairo speech, Obama stated, “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world.”Since then, Obama has ensured that the “green revolution” for democracy in Iran went unsupported. And mullahs and clerics there are thrilled that…

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