White House adviser admits the sequester was Barack Obama’s idea

America's Watchtower

 Since a debate with Mitt Romney last October Barack Obama has made the claim that the sequester was not his idea, and this is a claim he has made repeatedly in the last two or three weeks while on his propaganda tour across the nation.

  However Bob Woodard shed some light on this fib not too long ago and we learned that the sequester was actually Barack Obama’s idea, in fact he once threatened to veto any attempt by the Congress at eliminating the sequester spending cuts:

 So for months Barack Obama has been lying to the American people about the sequester, but don’t take my word for it. On ‘Meet the Press’ over the weekend White House economic adviser Gene Sperling admitted that the sequester was proposed by Barack Obama, here is the video:

  Of course he also said it wasn’t Barack Obama’s fault because he was forced to…

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