Video: Imam In Virginia Tells Muslims That If They Are Called ‘Terrorists’ They Should ‘Make This Title Worth It’

Jihad is already being waged against anyone who dares to believe that Allah is not GOD, but is in fact, Satan. As evil continues to increase we should expect an exponential rise in persecution, aka Jihad.
As the days become more wicked, it will be more and more difficult for Satan to conceal himself, because he is arrogant, and boastful, and desires the worship that is reserved only for GOD!
In the days ahead, any person with even a shred of human decency, or compassion, will not be able to cloak themselves in ignorance; claiming that they were deceived. The only deception is in their own wicked hearts. They are like the god that they serve; evil, corrupt, and hateful to the core! In the end they will endure an eternity with Allah, his lying prophet, and the unholy koran, in the fiery pit! Which is their just sentence because: “They loved not the truth, but took pleasure in unrighteousness.”

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By Shoebat Foundation – “First of all, the mosque where this Imam – Sheikh Shaker – gave this speech from the Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Virginia. To say this mosque has a checkered history would be a bit of an understatement. Despite that history, Shaker tells the audience that because Muslims are viewed as ‘terrorists’, they should wear the label proudly by giving those who label them as such a ‘run for their money’.

He also decries moderate Islam while calling for more fundamentalists. Also note the man who takes the podium after Shaker. He issues a ‘disclaimer’ by saying that Shaker was not calling for ‘armed Jihad’, despite Shaker’s call for… well… armed Jihad.” Source – Shoebat Foundation.

Flashback: New Study Shows That 80% of Mosques in America Teach Jihad Violence and Islamic Supremacism – “… Each [study] independently showed that upwards of 80% of mosques in America…

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