Tunisian Islamist and extremist Muslim Brotherhood leader, Rachid Ghannoushi, tied to London network

The Muslim Issue

The extremist Muslim Brotherhood, the original creator of al-Qaeda and Hamas, use the same tactics as Hamas to recruit followers:a feigned promise of social security, ‘education’ and healthcare but only if you dedicate yourself 100% to the Muslim Brotherhood and fight for their cause and sacrifice yourself in martyrdom. The Muslim Brotherhood is behind all the Arab ‘Spring’ uprising across the Muslim world, in an effort to remove current leadership and establish a new rigid, extreme Caliphate. In Europe the Brotherhoods foreign arm is flourishing under the weak security policies by its leaders who do not take appropriate action to close them down and deport all members.


Tunisian Islamist, London tied Rachid Ghannoushi, Linked to extremist Muslim Brotherhood – Calls For Adoption of “Islamic Constitution”

An Egyptian news report has identified a Tunisian Islamist as a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood “abroad.” According to the report:


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