Malkin Goes Trekkie To Defend Rand Paul’s Questioning Of Clinton! Good For Her! Someone Needs To Try And Make Clinton Accountable!

January 25, 2013

While appearing on Megyn Kelly‘s Fox News show yesterday, conservative icon Michelle Malkin employed a “Star Trek” reference to shield Republican Sen. Rand Paul from Democrats’ assaults on his bold questioning of Defense Secretary Hilary Clinton.

Malkin said that “the reason why Rand Paul is so popular among the Tea Party movement is because he hasn’t been assimilated by The Borg in DC, with that kind of language and dancing around what real accountability is.” (h/t The Right Scoop).

“The Borg” are a fictional alien race of drones exhibiting a collective “hive” mindset dedicated to “assimilation” from the “Star Trek” franchise.

Malkin notes that, as the response to Rand Paul’s questioning shows, real accountability is something so offensive to most politicians in DC that anybody who dares bring it up can expect to be met with a wave of angry condemnation.

Malkin also bashed the faux accountability common in Washington these days. She said that most in DC like to “proclaim that they’re all about leadership and all about taking responsibility when all they have to do is sort of declare it and then not have to suffer any consequences.”

American writer and blogger Michelle Malkin.


Good for her! Michelle Malkin speaks the truth and I am proud of her for speaking out against the liberals “bad mouthing” Rand Paul just because he was trying to hold Clinton accountable for her actions that helped cause the torture, rape, and murders of our Americans in Benghazi! Clinton should be in Gitmo with Obama and Holder and all the other Demon-Rats!!

Kudos to Rand Paul for standing up for America. I would vote for him for president in 2016!!

Official portrait of United States Senator (R-KY).
Official portrait of United States Senator (R-KY). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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