Stop the Political Correctness! Speak the Truth!

Published on Oct 14, 2012

ET and a Political Correctness Free Day, Stop Pacifying Islam, I know Barrack is a dam Communist, Obama Administration are a bunch of Buffoons, Go back to your on dam country, Muslims are bad, Illegal Immigrations is breaking the law, Bread and water, Homosexuality is wrong idiot, Just because the president came out the closet, stop killing babies, Abortion is wrong, Roe vs Wade is Evil, Stop have babies if you can’t affording, Close your legs damit, any dog can do it, Yes we should spank kids, Welfare is a joke, pay you own dam way, no more Obama Phones, Shinny Jeans are for girls, You are a Jackass, You are not a gangster if you were shinny jeans, You are taken to much dam medicine, Healthcare,

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I love this guy! He is intelligent and funny too!!


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