I Used To Vote Republican

I used to vote for the person, sometimes from different parties~all of them.
Now, there is NO way in hell that I would ever vote for a socialist=demonrat=communist!! 
I, too am very fed up with all the BULLSHIT, and CORRUPTION in both parties! 
I, too will be registering Independent from now on. I did register Republican, because that is what most of my family is. I have always been very Conservative. 
The only good thing that I can see that has come from obastard being allowed to illegally usurp our powers  in Washington~~ is that millions of us are now AWAKE! I have prayed more in this four years than ever for our country. I was one of those complacent ones who just sat back and allowed our country to be taken over by the socialists=communists!! NO MORE!! I have been writing and posting about all the “evils and corruption in our country!! I will continue to speak out until my last dying breath!!
I will continue to PRAY, SPEAK OUT, and vote for the man or woman who upholds our Constitution and laws! I love Allen West, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and Herman Cain! 
I will vote for the Christian, Conservative, and Constitutionalist!! I believe in equality for all~~whether gay or straight, white or black, man or woman.
It is NOT about what you think, feel, or how you act~~it is about you being a true American Patriot with ETHICS! I believe in Liberty for all!
Ethics cannot be taught!! Most of us had to take Ethics for college or our jobs. Reality is this world is full of unethical people! We must fight to save our country from the Corrupt Communists=demonrats=socialists!! 
FOR GOD’S SAKE WAKE UP AMERICANS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!! I refuse to give up, and will not until my last dying breath!

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