Video: Sandy Victim Unloads on FEMA and “Do Nothing” Obama: “He’s a Phoney and Straight-Out Liar”

Nice Deb

Hurricane Sandy victim, Scott McGrath of Staten Island, gave his opinion of FEMA and the Obama administration’s handling of the hurricane relief effort on Neil Cavuto, Friday.

He called Obama a phoney and straight out liar.

“He said to me face to face that he’s going to cut the red tape. We’re two months out — no red tapes been cut. He told me things were going to be taken care of. FEMA has to listen to him…”

He also railed against the extension of unemployment benefits:

“There’s jobs out there. People need to get off their rear ends and find a job and stop taking free hand-outs….I’m tired of people collecting, collecting, collecting and getting rewarded – they’re sending a bad message to the kids of the future – they’re telling them, ‘do not work’, you’re better off.”


Twitchy: Boom! Hurricane Sandy victim rips do-nothing Obama on ‘Cavuto’

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