Speaker of the House Sarah Palin? Hey, Why Not!

A Time For Choosing

Sarah Palin Fiesty

By Gary P Jackson

Yeah, it’s a crazy idea, and would never happen, but after seeing some of the nonsensical choices thrown out there lately, it’s the only alternative that actually makes sense.

A few days ago Norman J. Ornstein a “resident scholar” at the American Enterprise Institute penned a ridiculous piece for the Washington Post. Ridiculous not for suggesting that Congress could, and maybe should, look outside it’s ranks to pick a new Speaker, but for who this cat thinks would make a good choice.

Boehner’s dilemma is worsened by the fact that 50 or more House Republicans come from districts that are homogeneous echo chambers, made that way through redistricting and the “Big Sort” that has like-minded people living in close proximity to one another. None of them is threatened in a general election; all could be unseated in a contested primary.


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