Obama And The Intended Consequences In His Political Jihad Of Premeditated Malice Against America!

The D.C. Clothesline

I don’t know about anyone else’s thoughts to all of the sensationalized media hoopla that NEVER ends, but I’m worn out listening to anymore about this fiscal cliff our Country’s supposedly heading for at break neck speed! And in the midst of Republican & Democrat budget negotiations between Congressional House Speaker John Boehner, & Obama, it has become obvious by Obama’s incongruous offers throughout these negotiations, that he has absolutely no interest in averting this looming fiscal crisis he has spent the past 4 years of his first term orchestrating! I’m weary at trying to bridge this gap of reason & sense that (by my layman’s powers of observation) seems completely absent in this ensemble of incapable boobs we exasperatingly look to today for our Nations “so-called” leadership. This pervasive degradation our Country has underwent since my far away days as a kid of the 60’s & 70’s, leading us to this…

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