Convicted Terrorists, william ayers and bernardine dorhn, Two DESPICABLE Terrorists In A Big, Comfy Pod


Convicted domestic TERRORISTS  william ayers, along with that  despicable hag he’s married to, bernardine dorhn, have been busy little terrorists, installing the muslim brotherhood caliphate, slithering around our White House and assisting in the total demise of this once great Nation.  Do you realize those evil vermin are re-writing our history and our school curriculum?  Teaching the so-called “educators” how to brainwash an entire nation.  DO YOU CARE?  WHY ARE THESE TERRORISTS STANDING AT PULPITS IN THE UNIVERSITIES AND SCHOOLS IN THIS NATION, SPEWING THEIR TERRORISM TO OUR CHILDREN?   If you do care, then help expose and put a stop to the “COMMON CORE CURRICULUM” scheme that is sweeping this Nation. Check your State’s Department of “Education” site to see if they’ve bought into this terrorist SCHEME.



  • Leader of the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist group of the 1960s and ’70s
  • “Kill all the rich…

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