Crowds Flock to Gun Buyback Programs Nationwide in Response To Connecticut Shooting

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I totally agree with you, if others want to “disarm” themselves good for them, but don’t try and take our guns and leave us “defenseless” against the criminals!!!

This world is getting crazier and crazier, in case no one has noticed. Disarming people and preventing them from defending themselves from criminals is just DUMB! Another DUMB idea from Dumbo-crats and Demon-rats Liberal Losers!

Go to HELL, obama and all your “sheep”, that choose to follow you to the “gas chambers“!! We Texans will NOT be so easy to disarm!! Remember the Holocaust!!! Don’t volunteer to be a victim of the Marxist Muslime taking over America!!

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TWG:  Normally, this would be pretty irritating to watch. But only the glassy eyed idiots would willingly relinquish their firearms in this manner, and I just don’t care about those beasts anymore.  Better they give up their firearms and be put first in line for the gulags.   Let them be enslaved and murdered first. After all, they voted for it.

Paul Joseph Watson
December 17, 2012
Law-abiding Americans across the country are turning in their guns as part of police buyback programs in response to the school massacre in Connecticut – a shocking illustration of how citizens are choosing to disarm themselves without the need for gun control legislation.

Citizens in Brooklyn, San Francisco, Oakland, Evanston, Ill, and Baltimore all lined up around the block to sell their guns back to police as a gesture in response to the Sandy Hook shooting on Friday.

Mt. Ollie Baptist…

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