Michigan Passes New Laws To Allow Concealed Carry in Schools, Daycare, Churches…


TWG: Great news! We can now look forward to lower crime rates in Michigan.  Each and every State needs to implement this legislation and they need to completely eliminate those so-called “gun free zones”, which are killing our children and innocent citizens.


Sweeping changes in Michigan’s concealed handgun law go beyond allowing weapons in ‘gun free zones’

John Barnes | jbarnes1@mlive.com By John Barnes | jbarnes1@mlive.com
on December 14, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Update:Connecticut also allows guns in school, but falls short of legislation on Gov. Snyder’s desk

The most sweeping rewrite of Michigan’s concealed handgun law in more than a decade includes details that go well beyond opening so-called “gun free zones” to hidden weapons.

The state House on Thursday passed the bill 68-41 and sent it to Gov. Rick Snyder, one of many laws sped through a lame-duck session that did not conclude until early Friday morning.

Aside from allowing…

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