Dead SEALS Father Sees Obama In New Light After Sons Death

Headline News Dead SEALS Father Sees Obama In New Light After Sons Death

It’s not what we see in traditional media!

By Richard Boyden

This Commentary Is Dedicated To Slain Navy Seal Tyron Woods And His Father Charles Woods.

How would you feel if you the proud father of a United States SEAL knew for a fact, the President of the United States not only watched your son defend and fight for the life of other Americans, but denied him the military firepower that not only could of saved his life but also the life of United States Ambassador Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, another SEAL and one more American. And while President Barrack Hussein Obama was watching your son die, he was simultaneously issuing “Stand Down” orders which were traitorously obeyed (except for SEALS Ty Woods and Glen Doherty) by Central Intelligence Operation Units and most United States military leaders in the area which prevented two armed drones (which were streaming live the firefight to the White House’s situation room where Obama was watching with Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta) and a Lockheed AC-130 Spectre Gunship, which was in the ready to assist in Benghazi with lethal firepower.

Then you read that right after the death of your son, that Obama forced AFRICOM General Carter Ham to step down and be replaced by Lt. General David Rodriguez within minutes of refusing to “Stand Down” NOT to help fellow Americans and that Real Admiral Charles Gouette, carrier strike commander was also replaced by Obama with Real Admiral Troy Shoemaker, for also refusing to Stand Down NOT to help those Americans in need.

As more information comes into your hands, that which upsets you more, is that the death of your son was not the result of some “fabricated anti-Islam” video (which was “dubbed over” after being made by the maker who happens to be connected to the CIA), and that the real purpose of this video which the Obama Administration promoted with the help of his friends in the main stream media, was to not only intentionally deceive you, the American public, and Muslims all over the world, but rather to conceal the real reason why your son was sacrificed.

As you research more, you further discover that the real reason Obama allowed for your son to be murdered was to cover-up the “Obama Administration/Central Intelligence Agency gun running operation” out of Libya gone wrong, a CIA operation that was sending thousands of tons of retrieved working weapons from the overthrown Qaddafi government to anti-Syrian rebels waging a bloody war that has killed thousands of Syrians. And that the “consulate” where your son died was in fact part of a CIA operations complex containing sensitive and classified information documenting Obama’s gun running operation, the type and amounts of weapons sent to Syrian rebels, as well as the names identifying CIA personnel and operatives connected to this operation and others in the making….and that Obama knew this.

While mourning the loss of your son, the history of Obama’s involvement with the active overthrowing of Egypt and Libya begins to concern you more. As you further contemplate this, it begins to make painful sense that your son in the eyes of Obama, was nothing more then mere “collateral damage” in the overall picture of what was taking place and why. And that your son was not even considered worth saving any more then Ambassador Stevens or the other Americans because saving them would bring unwanted attention to Obama’s insidious “foreign policy”. You ask yourself the question, could Obama in fact be complicit with what happened and in the know from the beginning before it happened in Benghazi?

You remember reading Obama was extremely friendly with a group of Muslims that frequented the White House numerous times and that they were called the “Muslim Brotherhood”, a collective expression of dark diabolical spiritual and political forces that call for the destruction of everything America stands for and is the father organization of Hezbollah, Hamas, and al-Qaeda and that a Muhammed Morsi representing the Muslim Brother hood had met with Obama in the White House more then once.

Having Jewish friends and discussing the “anti-Semitic” treatment by Obama of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it was pointed out to you that Obama’s friends, the Muslim Brotherhood, were spiritually joined at the hip historically and to this day with the Nazi movement and that it’s primary goal in history is to eradicate Israel and exterminate all Jews. You remember a quote one of your friends shared made by a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi who said the following:

Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the Jews people who would punish them for their corruption…The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them…Allah Willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.

You now realize this is what Barack Obama has invited to the White House which causes you to see more then ever that Obama is not only an enemy of the American people but also of Jews. Connecting these dots points to why President Barrack Hussein Obama allowed for your son to be murdered and this was because your son was the enemy of the President of the United States of America. President Obama in your mind had to be working for and on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood in it’s role to overthrow Arab governments that were friendly to America.

The remaining and damning dots are made when you read that Obama’s gun running operation to the Muslim Brotherhood backed rebels in Syria is something that both the Russians and Iran were aware of. And that the “insurgents/attackers” of the consulate were in fact “Iranian assets” who with Russian intelligence assistance, planned the the Benghazi attack with the goal to kill Ambassador Stevens and put an end to the Obama’s gun running operation, which you now believe Ambassador Stevens was intimately involved with.

When reading news reports, you find information which states that Ambassador Stevens was warned by Turkish government officials on the very day of the attack that Obama’s gun running operation was “compromised”. And that on that day Stevens asked for and was denied by Obama the needed security to protect his people. You can’t help but come to the conclusion that it was not just mere coincidence your son died the very same day that Stevens was warned because of the fact Obama personally issued “Stand Down” orders from the White House situation room while witnessing your sons death.

Your frustration turns into heart felt sorrow, that those who live under the flag of the United States of America and who have the means and ways to expose the truth, not only cower and hide this information, but in so doing are co-conspirators and complicit in the murder of your son by the Muslim Brotherhood and their friend in the White House.

On a recent night, as the winds blow softly outside your bedroom window while you silently weep over the loss of your son, you faintly but clearly hear one word over and over…”treason”. Was that the voice of your son? Could it be that your son was asking you to be his voice on this side of the veil and represent him and those murdered? You realize this is a word rarely applied to any American history wise. You decide once and for all that the man who shook your hand and lied to your face concerning the death of your son continually spewed lies concerning what happened for weeks on end to the American public and the world, exhibiting the behavior of a pathological liar.

Now with the voice of your son as a second witness, you are determined to identify this man a traitor guilty of both murder and treason.




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