Obama Had The Gall Today To Compare Himself To Abraham Lincoln!! He Is NOTHING Like Abraham Lincoln!!

Obama Had The Gall Today To Compare Himself To Abraham Lincoln!! He Is NOTHING Like Abraham Lincoln!!I was at the hospital today waiting for my husband to finish with his appointment. CNN was on, and I was bored so I half way watched it. I hardly EVER watch the TV, because the news is always so Liberal Biased, and I get so pissed off at all the LIES from Obastard, that I curse the TV and my blood pressure goes up. I still cannot believe that people are still IGNORANT enough to believe all his LIES! Today, I sat and listened while the announcer told us that Ovomit and Romney both want to think that they are like Abraham Lincoln. It made me sick!! Obama is NOTHING like Lincoln, he just wants to win the election, so that he can keep on destroying America and spending our grandchildren’s money, turn America into a third world, hell-hole, and help the Islamic/Muslime Cult to take over America and turn America into a Communist country!

According to the announcer, Abraham Lincoln, “Honest Abe”, tried to unite the country and tried to work with both parties to try and save the country. He had integrity!

My maternal Grandfather, Harry William Linderman, was the 1954 Harris County, Houston, Texas Republican Party Chairman. Now, he had integrity! His word was his bond. He was a Small Business Entrepreneur, and when he gave his word he kept it. He believed in equality for all, and the American Free Enterprise System. His Great Grandfather was Abraham Linderman. He was an honest, hard working man, and never accepted handouts, even through the Depression. My Grandfather sold pies on the street to help support his family through the Depression. Abraham Linderman served in the Civil War for the Union, and fought to save the union and helped fight slavery. He gave his only son, only 18 years of age to help save the Union.

Mitt Romney has integrity! He is a Republican Patriot. He is honest, honorable, and he is an Entrepreneur and he has helped many people. He made his money through hard work like my Grandfather. Mitt Romney is like Abraham Lincoln, NOT Ovomit!! Romney is trying to unite the country to try and save it from being destroyed anymore than it already has been. HE HAS SOLUTIONS NOT EXCUSES! I am voting for Mitt Romney, because my parents did not teach me to hate and envy success! They taught me that there was honor in all work, and that laziness was wrong. I was taught to be honest, kind, and to have integrity. My word is my bond.


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