Obama’s Family Church: Communists, Witches, and Satan Worshipers

Uploaded by livingonplanetZ on Oct 10, 2008

Barack Obama’s grandparents traveled halfway across the country to attend a very special church! In Obama’s own words, this was the REAL church of influence in his life – through his mother. Obama’s grandparents, who evidently shared the values of THIS church, raised Obama after his mother left him, to continue the influence of this church through their own teaching.

No doubt, this church also is reflected in the values of Obama’s grandparents, as they chose Frank Marshall Davis to be his personal tutor. Because Barack Obama lived in Seattle with his mother for some time, this was probably the first “American” church he attended! The evidence suggests he was even initiated and educated there. Fascinating information for those who really want to understand the mind and religion of Barack Obama, Ann Dunham, and Barack Obama’s grandparents.

I pray to God that more people see this and realize, that he is NOT of God or good for America!!!

Vote for the Real American who worships God NOT the Devil! Vote for the Republican Patriots~~~MITT ROMNEY and PAUL RYAN in 2012!


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