We Need A Real American Patriot Leader! Romney & Ryan 2012!!

The Socialist/Demonrats have to have something bad to say about Republican/Patriots. Republicans are not any specific race, no specific age, and NOT rich! Their lies about that have been going on for years! They want you to believe that Republicans are selfish and rich. OMG, HOW STUPID! If they do have money then they sure as WORKED for it!! It takes money to help people, and Republicans are NOT selfish! We are average, Conservative, God loving, Family loving, Capitalist, and Country loving Patriots! We believe in growing up and being responsible for ourselves, NOT blaming others for our failures or mistakes like Ovomit does! The Socialist/Demonrats are for Socialism and Communism, Entitlement programs, Illegal immigration, and taking from those willing to work to give to those NOT willing to work!! THAT IS THEFT! We Republicans believe in taking care of our elderly and disabled people, just NOT giving our tax dollars to Illegals and the Lazy, Liberal!! VOTE FOR A REAL AMERICAN THIS TIME! VOTE FOR AN AMERICAN PATRIOT = ROMNEY & RYAN IN 2012!!


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