They Come To America! They do not pay taxes, They drain the system, and They Take Our Jobs!!

Published on Jun 1, 2012 by TheyComeToAmerica Filmmaker, Dennis Michael Lynch, has created the most controversial film of the year. It’s called, They Come to America, The Cost of Illegal Immigration. It’s the unbiased, non-partisan, must see film that so many people don’t want you to see. The WPIX interview aired May 25. On May 27 the distributor we had worked with for two months suddenly pulled their commitment to run the movie on iTunes and Cable VOD before election day. To see the full interview, go to FOR MORE INFORMATION go to This is NOT about hating Illegals! It is about the TRUTH! America is being bankrupted by the INVASION of Illegals and Criminals!! We are NOT against Legal Immigration, when they come here Legally and pay their FAIR SHARE of taxes! We cannot support the rest of the world, and America’s national security is being threatened besides the fact that they take jobs that Legal Americans need to feed their families! The Illegals send their money back to Mexico.


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