God’s Will Or Our Will?

The subject of “free will” kept popping into my head today. I think that I am supposed to share on God’s will or my will. Hearing the horrible atrocity, that was committed in the world today, it reminded me of how I used to think. How could a good God, allow such evil to happen to good people? I remembered the quote: “The rain falls on the just, and the unjust. God gave us all the freedom to choose how we live our life’s. We humans being selfish and self-centered by nature, very often choose to follow our own will instead of God’s. Then we have to be willing to accept the consequences of our bad choices. And…yes the innocent suffer from other people’s bad decisions. Reality is life is NOT fair! I was in a real quandary trying to distinguish between God’s will and my will. When making my choices in life, my sponsor told me to pray for God to take away the obstacles if it were God’s will, and pray that if it were not God’s will to place more obstacles in my way. I got tired of paying the consequences of my bad choices, so I decided to try really hard to do only God’s will. I was so desperate, that I was afraid of making the wrong choices. In my program we are taught that if we follow the twelve steps and the ten commandments, then we pretty much have a plan for living. Today, it is much easier to distinguish God’s will from mine, so I have so much more Serenity and Peace of mind.


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