David Koch Discusses the Influence of Money in Politics

My comments on Mr. Koch is that he is a true, American, Patriot and an example of the success of our “free marketCapitalist system! Bravo, for having the courage to speak out. This is still America for today anyway. It won’t be for long if we allow Evil, Socialist, and Communists to “fundamentally change” our country like ovomit promised to.

Some “jealous” people want to talk shit about people who have made the American Dream come true. Government did NOT build his fortune, he and his brother did. He has the right to donate to whatever cause that he chooses to. It is his money, by the way!

Think about it~~~it takes people with money to help others!!


TAMPA, FL — Billionaire Republican megadonor David Koch, who, along with his brother, Charles, is pumping an estimated $400 million into this presidential campaign, talked to Politicker about the controversial level of influence major contributors have on American elections in an interview on the floor of the Republican National Convention a few moments ago.

“We have a free society and people are free to do what they want, you know, as long as they don’t hurt others and they obey the law,” Mr. Koch said. “So, I believe in free speech and if people want to spend money in politics or something else, it’s their right, nothing wrong with that. So, I endorse that.”

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