Christian Right-Wingers Turn to God, Not Man!

Evil Right-Wingers Turn to Family, Not Government

After all, in Obama’s land of opportunity, every youngster without means ought to be able to parlay his laziness, lack of inquisitiveness, and extensive drug use into a grand tour of America’s great universities, from Occidental to Columbia to Harvard.  Every hard-partying, class-cutting student-activist mediocrity ought to have a chance to be elected president of the Harvard Law Review, once Harvard Law has conveniently abandoned its traditional method of selection (grades).

Read more: Jesus told us if you do not work, you do not eat. He expected for people to make their own decisions, and gave us free will. We were taught to helps others if possible, but not to neglect our own families in order to do it. And…for sure not have a government of evil make you pay for others too lazy to work.


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