You Might Have Already Voted – Voting Integrity and Snopes cover-Up (Part 2)


Voting Integrity? Part 2: Scytl & Apparent Snopes Cover-up


Joseph Stalin

clip_image002For months now, a scandal has been swirling in the Internet winds about Scytl, the Spanish company that will count 2012 general election votes for many of the United States of America.

It is unfortunate this got to be a question of whether or not George Soros has ownership in that firm. That is beside the point. Make that the points, plural. Here they are.

  1. Scytl’s electronic voting and any other electronic voting, that does not give us a paper trail of auditable ballots is a betrayal of the trust of the sovereign American People.
  2. The counting of American votes must never, ever, take place by any agency outside the sovereign United States of America.

Many questions arise about this travesty. Some have been answered. We present a series of articles about how this has come to be…

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