Do you believe the government does a good job…at anything?

Do you believe the government does a good job…at anything?

Posted by Stingray SFO (3% Oath Keeper) on February 13, 2012 at 2:44pm

This just sent to me from my trusted friend:

Even though the federal government bungles almost everything it touches, federal workers and bureaucrats get paid far more, receive better benefits, and have absolute job security over their private sector counterparts. According to The Hill:

“The CBO found that the advantage federal workers enjoy varies by educational level. For those with only a high-school degree, workers earned 21 percent more and were given benefits worth 72 percent more than in the private sector.

“For college graduates, wages were about the same but benefits were 46 percent better in the government.”

Now remember, federal workers have a better chance of dying than getting fired.

Luckily, there are some in Congress who do understand this disparity. Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI), introduced H.R.3835, a bill that continues the pay freeze for federal workers through the end of 2013. It’s a great step to ensure we don’t continue spending more and more on people who already receive better pay and benefits than those of us in the private sector who pay their salaries.

The bill passed the House by a vote of 309 to 117, with 72 Democrats voting in favor of it. It also should be noted that this bill froze the pay of Members of Congress. Those who voted against it essentially voted in favor of raising their own pay, and we all know how overpaid Congress is.

Now the bill sits in the Senate’s committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. We need it to be brought to the floor and passed.

It’s UNFAIR that the people who can’t budget, and who pass massive amounts of regulations that choke our economy get paid more than us to do so.

Ask every Senator to support H.R.3835 and force it to come up for a vote.

Even with this report, President Obama wants to give federal workers a raise!

That’s right, even though we’re over $15.3 TRILLION dollars in debt, we borrow 40 cents of every dollar we spend, and our total debt-to-GDP ratio is over 100%, President Obama thinks that you, the taxpayer should fork over more money to the federal government, who can’t even budget properly.

Congress can’t seem to find anything to cut these days. Cutting bloated government payrolls to make them more in line with the private sector not only makes sense, but should speak to the whole notion of “fairness” that President Obama keeps harping on. Or does fairness only mean taxing the rich?

President Obama has made “fairness” (in his mind, tax hikes) the central theme of his re-election campaign. But when he continually talks about Americans “paying their fair share” in taxes, he conveniently neglects to point out that federal workers – indeed some in his own executive office – owe over $3.4 BILLION in back taxes.

Thirty-six members of President Obama’s executive staff owe $833,970 in back taxes. These are people with immediate access to the President! About 1/3 of President Obama’s aides earn over $100,000 a year; collectively he has the highest paid staff in history. Twenty-one members of his staff earn $172,000 a year. In total, his 457 aides made over $37 million last year. Ryan Ellis, the tax policy director for Americans for Tax Reform said:

“It’s ironic. The same week that President Obama says that people who paid their full obligation should pay more, it’s ironic that people who work for President Obama haven’t even paid their own taxes.”

The IRS report also found that employees of the U.S. Senate who worked on tax-offender laws owe back taxes. Mr. Ellis goes on to say that:

“The people who wanted to raise taxes to expand the size of government at the same time aren’t paying their full part.”

But the report doesn’t stop there. More than 279,000 federal employees and retirees are the ones who owe that $3.4 billion in back taxes:

■467 employees of the House of Representatives owe over $8.5 million.
■217 employees of the Senate owe over $2.13 million.
■36 Obama staffers owe $833,970.
■1,181 Treasury Department employees owe over $9.3 million.
■25,640 Postal Service employees owe over $270 million.
■11,659 Veterans Affairs employees owe over $151 million.
■322 Energy Department employees owe over $5 million.
■2,069 Justice Department employees owe over $17 million.

Federal workers can’t be fired for not paying their taxes, and since President Obama’s own Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner had to pay $42,000 in back taxes before he could be confirmed to his position, it doesn’t seem that tax dodging is a disqualifying factor for hiring either.

2,069 Department of Justice employees owe back taxes. Think about that, the nation’s law enforcement can’t even follow the law! Considering Eric Holder is in charge…it’s no surprise.

Ironically, the only federal workers who can be fired for not paying taxes are IRS employees.

These federal workers owe as much in back taxes as the rest of the country does. Considering they are a small percentage of the work force, that’s astounding.


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