Enough is Enough

written by Brenda Rochelle, Texarkana, Texas


“This is the time to erase all party rhetoric. Our nation should be united in saying, ‘Enough is Enough‘. All of us are in this together and we must stand for our basic rights.
First, we are a Christian nation! President Obama told the leader in Turkey, that we are not. False statement. Just because Newsweek said it does not make it so. However, let’s look at why he does not think so. We are not following the Christian principles set forth in the Bible. As a nation we have left God in so many areas. But our founding fathers set about with many statements, such as, ‘When we cease to obey God we will be ruled by tyrannts.’

What the government pays for they control!

The TEA party is one of the efforts to show unity in a patriotic spirit for our country. We carried canned goods, donations, and help for our fellow man.
We took TEA bags for our Representative Hall to take to Congress to let them know we feel we are taxed beyond measure.

Let us not say that any one individual have made this mess as some have accused. This has been ongoing since my parents explained politics to me in the 50’s. Vote for the man not the party, was my admonition from them. I have followed their advice in every election.
When 10% of the population is on welfare, the economists tell us that the downfall of the system will be inevitable. This is not any one person’s fault. There is plenty of work for those who want to work.

Back to the Bible, ‘If you don’t work, then you don’t eat!’
I believe in helping people to stand and be self confident, and support their efforts to improve their standards.
But I do not believe in endless welfare. A form of slavery. Enough is Enough!

End the forever terms that Congressmen now enjoy. Two year term limits!
Put Congress on Social Security like the rest of us! Not the special retirement benefits they have voted for themselves.

NO Nancy Pelosi! We will not pay tax on our Retirement benefits! No more taxes!

What we have made so far this year is just enough to pay our income tax for 2009. This ought not to be so. Work four to five months to pay income taxes. Enough. No more!

Brenda Rochelle, Texarkana, Texas


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