I had my idea to write about the analogy of the frog and the boiling water, comparing it to what is happening in America today. Then, I searched for a pic of the frog, and found this excellent article on the frog and Christianity by Melanie Hope of the Examiner. I hope that she doesn’t mind me posting the link and giving her credit for the pic.  I had never read her article before, but it goes along with my idea. 
America is kind of like the frog in the boiling water analogy. The frog is enjoying the nice cool water, and becomes complacent and he doesn’t notice, that the water if being heated and that he is going to be eaten. The temperature is raised gradually, so that he doesn’t know that he is going to be boiled alive! 
Obama and Socialism is doing that to America, he is piece by piece trying to destroy America–without–We the People noticing or fighting it. The Liberals want someone to take care of them, and fix all their problems, so they are easy prey. 
Obama and his minions want to change America into a Communist country–and the N.W.O.!! America is under attack from within from our own beloved White House. There is a Muslim=Communist in the White House!! America, please wake up, before it’s too late!!
I love America and I am a proud American Patriot!! I don’t want to see her changed into a Communist or Muslim/Islamic country.  My ancestors fought and died to keep America Christian and Free! No Sharia law in America!! No Islamic mosques in America!! No more!!
I fear for Egypt–she is being lulled into sleep–I pray that Satan doesn’t have his way–and take over Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood=Satanic followers!!
I am out of the water, and I am screaming–“GET OUT, QUICK BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”
Why Did Jesus Ask For Blind Faith? 

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