Problem: America is such a wonderful place to live–that millions try to emigrate here for a better life. Some LEGAL and some ILLEGAL. What I want if for America to be protected and to have her borders protected! What damn good does it do to search people getting on airplanes, and then NOT secure our other borders? Duh, it sounds like a NO-brain-er to me!
If people want to come to America–then they will have to do it LEGALLY. I don’t know why that is so hard to comprehend!!Anyone trying to go to any OTHER foreign country–abides by their LAWS–and all I want is for the FOREIGNERS = ILLEGALS to abide by OUR laws!!
But….what I REALLY want is for them to get legal–pay taxes–and abide by our laws—or GO home!! STOP draining America and destroying her resources!! I want AMERICANS to be taken care of #1–IF there is anything left–then we can try to help the foreigners!! Why is that so hard to understand???
1. Secure our borders–all of them–not just the ones that are convenient for the Communists!
2. Enforce our laws
3. Penalize companies that hire Illegal aliens–and do not pay taxes for them.
4. Stop all American taxpayers money being paid out to Illegals–that do NOT by the way pay into the system! Including welfare, medical, housing, food stamps,and unemployment. If the Illegal has NOT paid into the system–then they do NOT deserve to collect American taxpayers money!
5. Screen all immigrants that want to come to America–and if they have a Criminal record–then they will not be allowed to immigrate here! We have enough here in America already!
6. Deport ALL Criminals back to their country–and make them take care of their own!! Taxpayers are being SCREWED out of millions of dollars a year to support, house, feed, and give medical care to the Illegal Criminals–and welfare to their family!! Now, how INSANE is that???
Some may label me as “radical” or “racist”–well that is their prerogative. I am a Patriot and American who loves her country–and wants to preserve it for my Grandchildren.
We do NOT want Socialist, or Communist, Islamic, or Muslim immigrants coming to America–and expecting us to change our way of life for them?
America Love it, or Leave it! And—if people would use their brains–and really think about it–if America were NOT so great–then there would NOT be so many trying to come here.
In conclusion–the issue here to me is–not about race or religion–but about Legal and Illegal! Simple–get Legal and Pay taxes–or GET OUT! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! GOD help us to bring GOD back into our schools and our American way of life–that by the way was founded on Christian values! AMERICA IS A CHRISTIAN NATION!!!

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